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How Gray Matter Group is enhancing background checks

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Technology, especially social media, has empowered the human race in ways that were never imagined. With the good, comes the bad. Gray Matter is here to officially claim that the era of the "traditional" background check is officially dead.

artificial intelligence (AI) line code.
Artificial intelligence line code

Until one has access to the powerful government (United States) regulated public records resources it is hard to grasp just how much information is swept up about an individual today. For those interested, in order to get into these databases your firm and employees must pass through a very strict credentialing process. Only then can you access these records. Gray Matter has passed the credentialing process and has access to these databases.

All of this information presents a unique problem. There are often leads buried in these mounds of data that require highly skilled humans with finely tuned analytical and investigative skills to comb through. Sure, you could use an automated low cost service to simply pull all this data and spit it out in one massive report. A substantial amount of time is required simply to read through the report let alone analyze it. This type of massive pull also does not afford the ability to actively follow leads and trails. This is a massive risk.

People talk and social media makes spreading information very easy. Folks on social media that have issues in their background are sharing tactics to throw off the background investigation process. While I will not share the details of these tactics, it is a very active game of cat and mouse. We will however state the obvious. The more information there is on a person, business, etc. the greater the risk something is missed, buried, or a false positive arises. Resourceful people use this to their advantage. A traditional background check has absolutely no way to eliminate this risk.

Another note on social media. Anyone can be anybody on the internet and that is why a background check that includes social media data is so crucial. An effective investigative background check will cross-check social media profiles against the file. This additional step ensures the file is accurate and builds a much broader picture of the file.

We are concerned that too many businesses are lulled into a false sense of security by technology performing background checks. As mentioned above, this creates substantial risk and potential liabilities. Gray Matter Group is in the unique position to see what the technology can and can not do. Our firm constantly monitors and tests the system to find holes and ways to cheat. The information we discover is used to make our investigative background checks that much better for our clients. The era of the traditional background check is dead. The only way forward is with Gray Matter Group and our investigative due diligence.

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