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85% of candidates lie on their resumes according to Gray Matter Group .

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

A recent study conducted by HireRight suggests that 85% of job applicants lie on their resumes, up from just 66% five years earlier! Our experience not only validates this number, but we suspect that the number may be even higher. HR departments are swamped with normal day-to-day operations. They do not have a lot of additional time to verify every aspect of an individuals resume. This is why Gray Matter Group works so closely with many HR departments. We are tasked with not only verifying that the information on the resume is truthful, but that it is also completely accurate.

When we test information on a resume we are not only testing the information that is listed. We are also looking for information that an applicant is hiding. That is also considered resume fraud. Lies by omission are just as bad, if not worse than outright lying on one's resume. The information not listed often paints the candidate in a poor light and provides more information for us to follow. If a candidate lies and does not list the information it says a lot about their character. What else will they lie about and try to hide?

One of the largest areas of resume fraud occurs in the education and professional accreditations listed by the candidate. Most candidates know that HR departments are swamped and simply do not have the extra time or resources required to verify each aspect of a resume. Also, unlike Gray Matter Group, most employment screening firms retained by HR departments do NOT include this information in their pre-employment background screening. Gray Matter Group tests all education and professional accreditations claimed on a resume as part of our standard pre-employment screening services.

We have seen a lot and potential employers really need to verify these areas of an applicants resume. Gray Matter Group understands the current job market is extremely tight, but now is not the time to simply look the other way in order to fill a crucial position. Company culture is becoming more and more important. A few wrong hires can change wonderful company culture into an undesirable place to work where top talent defects. Gray Matter Group is here to help and support your company's HR department in any way that we can.

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